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Mission Led Comprehensive Plan

Mission-Led Comprehensive Plan

Every six years, Metro Parks Tacoma establishes program priorities for future improvements of services provided to the community. 

Everything Metro Parks Tacoma does as an agency is focused on making sure everyone's interests are considered when deciding on activities that we offer the community. This includes activities people can do on their own as well as those the park district coordinates. 

The three Missionā€Led Program Areas are:

  • Active and Community Wellness
  • Nature and Environment
  • Culture and Heritage

2016 Mission-Led Comprehensive Plan Documents:

mlcp 2016 button-contents

chap1-mlcp-button  chap2-mlcp-button  chap3-mlcp-button chap4-mlcp-button
chap5-mlcp-button  chap6-mlcp-button  chap7-mlcp-button  mlcp-chap8 


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Mission -Led Comprehensive Plan