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Tacoma Nature Center Accessibility Info

  • Parking: There is designated ADA parking on site. Passenger drop off is allowed at the base of the entry ramp.
  • Entrance: Main Entrance is the accessible entrance. There is a ramp with handrails to the main entry; slope is 5-8%. External doors are not automated and may require some assistance.
  • Route: There is a 36" + wide accessible route through the internal exhibits and displays. There is an elevator to the lower level classrooms. Route to all classrooms, auditorium and entry ways are maintained for safety and access.
  • Assistance: Most information, exhibit signage and customer materials are within the 15-48" reach range. Staff is available to provide assistance with out of reach items, particularly in the gift shop.
  • Restrooms: On-site restrooms on the main (upper) level are accessible.
  • Viewing: The exhibit hall provides good viewing of displays and views of the natural reserve behind the center. Most internal exhibits are on display for touch and sound interaction.
  • Outdoor Sensory Experience: Persons with plant allergies or sensitivity should consider the season when planning a visit. Outdoor trails have native plant species which may be irritating if they come in contact with the skin.
  • Trails: There are trails of varying surface, slope and difficulty on the site. Routes that are accessible for wheelchair users are listed on the trail map.
  • Renters: Persons who rent the auditorium receive an overview of the facility's accessibility limitations upon request.