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Garfield Park pet advisory lifted after lab tests on dogs come back negative

October 3, 2017


Metro Parks recently investigated community concerns that several dogs that visited Garfield Park may have died from a bacterial disease called Leptospirosis. The park district has confirmed that all known laboratory tests came back negative.

After consulting with local and state public health agencies as well as the Washington State Department of Agriculture, Metro Parks has lifted the advisory for pets to avoid Garfield Park. There is no evidence to indicate a cause for concern for animals or people.

We are deeply saddened for the dog owners who lost their beloved pets. As pet lovers ourselves, we urge all owners to take steps to protect all pets in our community:

  • Check with your veterinarian to make sure vaccinations are current.
  • Keep pets on a leash.
  • Pick up and properly dispose of pet waste to reduce transmission of disease.
  • Prevent pets from drinking puddles and unknown sources of standing water.
  • Reduce risk of transmission of common animal illnesses by controlling rodents around your home.

Updated 10/3/17