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Winter Wildland is So Much Fun, People Can't Bear to Miss It.

December 1, 2013

The annual Winter Break is a holiday for the Northwest Trek animals, who get to unwrap gifts, strip branches off Christmas trees and enjoy special treats provided by keepers.

And when the animals are having so much fun, it’s a guaranteed good time for people, too. This year’s Winter Wildland is scheduled for Dec. 26-Jan. 1 from 9:30 am-3 pm.

It’s a bit too early to say exactly what enrichments keepers will present to the animals, but examples from last year include a large Christmas tree for the grizzly bears, a “candy cane” full of goodies for the fisher, gaily wrapped treats for the porcupine and tree branches for the busy beaver to strip clean.

Plus, many of Northwest Trek’s animals are dressed in their winter best, with thick coats of fur or feathers. Check out the Canada lynx. Look for shaggy bison. See how much the bison calves and bighorn sheep lambs grew since their births last spring and summer.

northwest trek logoAnd, there will be special activities for kids. Winter Wildland is the perfect post-holiday gift for family and out-of town friends and relatives. They can unwind amid tall evergreens, the beauty of Horseshoe Lake, the merriment of animals receiving special treats and the wonder of nature all around.

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