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Spraygrounds to Open Early

May 1, 2014

Unseasonably Warm Weather Prompts Early Opening of 7 of Tacoma’s 9 Spraygrounds

Typically in May, Metro Parks Tacoma spraygrounds operate weekends only from 10 am-8 pm, as systems are prepped and tested for summer season.

Due to the unusually warm temperatures forecast for this week, seven of the District’s nine spraygrounds will open April 30, May 1 and May 2 with limited hours:

These seven locations ONLY will be open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week from 10 am-4 pm. The public’s patience is appreciated since this early opening overlaps with the maintenance staff’s pre-season testing period.

All nine sprayground locations will be open every Saturday and Sunday, regardless of the weather, from 10 am-8 pm beginning Saturday, May 3.

Tacoma’s tenth and newest sprayground, located at the SERA Campus near STAR Center, is still under construction and will open to the public on June 1.

“Generally, May is a critical time for us to work through any systems or spray feature issues before bringing them back on line full-time for the season”, said Marina Becker, Director of the Department of Parks and Natural Resources. “We’re expanding operations ahead of schedule, so we have to limit the number of locations and the hours available. And, we ask the public’s patience if they encounter any bugs this week. Since there is no scheduled afternoon staffing this time of year, if anything is not working correctly the sprayground may be shut down until staff can address the issue the next morning.”