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Our Commitment to Accessibility & Inclusion

Metro Parks Tacoma strives to provide accessible, affordable, accommodating and welcoming parks, services and programs to the diverse residents and visitors to the Park District. Our inclusion policy strives to ensure that our services meet the needs of all District residents and regional customers regardless of age, ability, race, ethnicity and income level.

FACILITIES: Over 70 of our facilities have transition plans that Metro Parks Tacoma has been actively working to resolve through capital bond improvements and maintenance work orders.  Most of the work was scheduled for completion by the end of 2012 using 2005 bond funding, however additional capital funding for all improvements is yet to be identified. The 2015-2016 transition plan summary is available for public review and comment. 

STAFF TRAINING: We have trained all of our staff members on the requirements and opportunities of the Americans with Disabilities Act with special emphasis on:

  1. Capital program design and implementation
  2. Program accommodations
  3. Alternative communication formats
  4. Board meeting accessibility & room design
  5. Special event accessibility
  6. Signage standards
  7. Public lobby design & accommodation
  8. Picnic facility accessibility information

AGENCY COMPLIANCE MANUAL: We have adopted an Agency Compliance Manual to reiterate Metro Parks Tacoma's standards, and communicate the expectation for inclusion and accessibility throughout the district's programs and facilities. This manual is a key element of our strategy to make inclusion and accessibility standard components of program and facility decisions. Self Evaluation Review (01/10/11)