Metro Parks Tacoma

Park Patrol Groups

All Park Patrol Groups listed below have agreements in place through CHIP-in! To join an existing group, please contact us.

Alling Park
Citizen Patrolled-Alling Neighborhood Patrol
Randy Gray, Patrol Coordinator

Charlotte’s Blueberry Park
Citizen Patrolled-Blueberry Neighborhood Park Watch
No Present Patrol Coordinators

Dash-Point Park
Citizen Patrolled-Dash-Point Neighborhood Park Watch
Linda Meeks, Patrol Coordinator

Fern Hill Park
Citizen Patrolled-Fern Hill Alliance
Linda Unruh, Patrol Coordinator

Jefferson Park
Citizen Patrolled-Jefferson Park Block Watch
Sue Oliver, Patrol Coordinator

McKinley Park
Citizen Patrolled-Friends of McKinley Park
Larry & Lynette Scheidt, Patrol Coordinators

Neighborhood Park
Citizen Patrolled-8th and I Neighbors
Pat Van Haren, Patrol Coordinator

Puget Gulch
Citizen Patrolled-Puget Creek Restoration Society
Scott Hansen, Patrol Coordinator

Stewart Heights Park
Citizen Patrolled-Stewart Heights Neighbors
David Cantlin &Heather Braswell, Patrol Coordinators

Titlow Park
Citizen Patrolled-Titlow Neighborhood Park Watch
Cheri Solien & Joy Johnson, Patrol Coordinators

Use this map to see our current park patrol locations.

Can't find a park patrol at your favorite neighborhood park?
Keeping your parks clean and safe is our priority - but we need your help. Metro Parks, in partnership with Safe Streets, Tacoma Public Schools, and the Tacoma Police Department, is asking you to CHIP-in! as a Neighborhood Park Patrol member. We'll give you the tools you need to be successful. We offer training through the Safe Streets Patrol Academy, deflector vests, flashlights, magnetic car signs, and On-site signage. To become a member, please contact us at or (253) 202-5978.

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