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Park Wildlife

What kinds of wildlife might be seen at the Tacoma Nature Center? Below are some of the most common ones. You can also download a checklist to use when you are visiting, or pick one up inside the Nature Center before you head out on a walk. Remember, you will have the best wildlife viewing when you take a little time, keep noise to a mimimum and use all of your senses.

And please remember, the Tacoma Nature Center is a nature preserve. Leave pets and bicycles at home when you visit, take only pictures and memories, and do not feed the wildlife. Smoking is prohibited in all public areas within the City of Tacoma.

Red fox
Eastern cottontail
Eastern gray squirrel
Townsend's chipmunk
Black-tailed deer
Reptiles & Amphibians
Pacific tree frog (chorus frog)
Western painted turtle
Common garter snake
Canada goose
 Mallard duck
Wood duck
Northern flicker
 Downy woodpecker
Violet-green swallow
American crow
 Stellar's jay
Black-capped chickadee
Red-breasted nuthatch
 Bewick's wren
American robin
Red-winged blackbird
Spotted towhee
Dark-eyed junco