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Artwork Title: Alluvion (final title TBD)

  • Location: Waterfront Phase I
  • Selected Artist: Adam Kuby
  • Installation Date: Fall 2017
  • Budget: $125,000

Project Overview:

In March 2016, Adam Kuby was awarded a commission to create an outdoor sculpture for the new 11-acre park on the peninsula, on the east side of Point Defiance Park next to the Tacoma Yacht Club. Alluvion harks back to the origin of the site through the use of a smokestack pipe. The peninsula was built of slag, or waste materials, from the former Asarco copper smelter. For decades, the giant smelter smokestack dominated its surroundings, providing jobs but also polluting the environment.

The artwork will be created by starting with 9 segments of pipe, each 15' long x 3' in diameter. The first pipe will be left whole. The next piece will be cut in two, the next one cut in 4, then 8 and so on... 16, 32, 64, 128... The artwork refers to all the metal that was produced at the ASARCO site for items large and small, but the composition also touches on the darker side of the smokestack––its dissemination of arsenic and heavy metal toxins fanning out across the region.

The sculpture's physical transformation along its length––from a tall vertical object to a series of low elements in the landscape––also parallels the transformation of the industrial site into a park. Gravel paths and meadow grasses will weave through the sculpture, integrating it into the park environment. The plantings offer a soft counterpoint to the hard metal, and the paths allow people to move through and experience the artwork from many vantage points.

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