Oak Tree Park

7633 S Montgomery St
Tacoma, WA 98407


Open ½ hour before sunrise
Close ½ hour after sunset

Oak Tree Park is a 25 acre parcel that comprises one of the last remnants of the Garry oak habitat that used to dominate this part of the city.

Volunteer Opportunities

This park was established in 1996. The playground which is not owned or maintained by Metro Parks Tacoma is located at S. Cedar & S. 74th Street.


Oak Tree Park is a pilot project of the Green Tacoma Partnership, a collaborative effort to inventory and assess Tacoma’s green spaces and develop a plan for their protection and restoration. The Green Tacoma Partnership is coordinated by Tahoma Audubon and Forterra.

A native oak ecosystem

Garry oak woodlands are special ecosystems that established themselves on areas of gravelly soil left behind by glaciers 15,000 years ago. Native Americans actively maintained oak prairies in the Northwest for thousands of years to keep the evergreen forests from moving in, thus protecting the camas bulbs and other prairie plants important to local tribes.

Although Garry oak habitat ranges from southern British Columbia to northern California, by 2013 it had been reduced by nearly 90 percent. Development, in addition to invading Douglas fir and other native and non-native plants, continue to threaten the oaks’ future.

Many plant and wildlife species that rely on native oaks have become so rare that Washington State has declared Garry oak woodlands to be Priority Habitat.

Find out how you can help restore and maintain this important resource, connect with Metro Parks’ CHIP-In! program.

Additional Information

Park Improvements

Oak Tree Site Upgrades & Art Project

Implementation of Development Plan to include new parking lot and seasonal restroom shelter, tool storage shed, trail and path upgrades, site furniture, tree removals, prairie expansions and native plantings to support Oak habitat, new nature playground, park ID and wayfinding/ interpretive signage. After the city completed the Prairie Line Trail, Metro Parks Tacoma will provide restoration to two adjacent areas to the trail (pump house parking lot, gravel pit and partnering with the COT with an art project).

Status: Project is in the bid phase with construction expected to begin in 2019.

Park Map

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