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Plant Tours

Explore some of the more than 250 species of exotic tropical plants featured at the W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory.


Close Up of White Orchid Inside Seymour Conservatory ORCHID TOUR 
These mysterious flowers are native to virtually every corner of the earth, except for Antarctica. More than 200 orchids are on display at Seymour Conservatory.
Venus fly trap carnivorous plant in Seymour Conservatory. CARNIVOROUS PLANT TOUR
Features that define carnivorous plants include having an attraction device, a trap mechanism, a killing device, and methods of digestion and absorption.
Concrete Statue With Tongue Hanging Out Inside Seymour Conservatory SCULPTURE TOUR
The sculptures are artistic reinterpretations of religious art found all over the world and represent the traditions and legends of African, Maori, and Aztec cultures. 
Coral Bells in perennial garden by Seymour Conservatory. PERENNIAL GARDEN TOUR
Three different types of plants grow in this garden: perennial shrubs and herbs that are able to renew themselves from buds on their rootstock each spring, deciduous trees and an evergreen coniferous tree.


Guided tours are available for all ages. Learn about the plant collection and the history of the conservatory and Wright Park. customized tours are also available. Rates are $2 per person with a $20 minimum. Groups are limited to 20 people. Call (253) 404-3975 for more information and availability.

Self-guided tour books are now available at the conservatory to help visitors explore the collection: the Overview Tour, featuring 24 plants and two theme tours, an Orchid Tour, a Carnivorous Plant Tour and a Sculpture Tour. Each book includes color photos and ethnobotanical information for each plant. The pages have also been enlarged and made into signs which are posted in front of plants on a rotating basis.