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Park Watch

“People are looking for a way to help this park or be part of it. The Park Watch program is just what I needed to reconnect with the place I love.”

~ Sally Johnson, Park Watch volunteer ~

Point Defiance Park has an active Park Watch program in place to help maintain visitor safety, protect park’s resources. 

Park volunteers, outfitted with yellow safety vests and lanyards, patrol the park and provide extended eyes and ears on activities they are seeing in an effort to discourage car break-ins, vandalism, and other park rule violations such as smoking, drinking, feeding of wildlife and unleashed dogs. In addition, they check for fallen trees and other naturally occurring potential hazards. 

Are you interested in volunteering?

Call, email or fill out the form below. (Note: please contact Fort Nisqually or Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium to volunteer at those locations)