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Friends of Point Defiance Park

Parks Appreciation Day Volunteers in Point Defiance ParkPoint Defiance Park needs you

By volunteering, you’ll discover that taking an active part in caring for our 760-acre treasure is its own reward and a way to find and express your passions.

The park attracts more than 3.1 million visitors annually. As a volunteer, you can share the pride of being part of this amazing regional attraction.

Volunteer in one of these areas

“Ipark watch talking to visitor’ve been running on the trails for 50 years. I want to give something back to the park that I’ve enjoyed for so long.”       

~Gaylord Mingo, Park Watch volunteer~

“I live close to the park, always lived in the North End, took my children and grandchildren to the park. Volunteering is a way to give back to the public and to the park.”

~Virginia Ferguson, Tahoma Fuchsia Society~