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Portable Works Purchase


Artwork Title: Portable Works Purchase

  • Location: Eastside Community Center
  • Selected Artists: Artists will be selected in November 2017
  • Installation Date: January 2018
  • Budget: $14,000

Project Overview:

In September 2017, a call was released encouraging Pierce County artists to submit existing original portable artworks for consideration of purchase and installation at the new Eastside Community Center. Eastside artists and residents, people with strong historical connections to the Eastside, people of Indigenous ancestry, and/or people of immigrant and refugee communities were especially encouraged to participate.

36 artists submitted applications, and work from 13 artists was selected. The budget is $14,000 in total purchases including any required framing and will not require a resolution for contract approval by the Board. The panel decided to reserve approximately $2,000 of the budget to make additional purchases later to fill gaps in representation missing from the current selections. The process for those purchases will be determined at a later date. The artworks selected represent a wide range of media and styles, and the artists selected come from many ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. All artists have geographic or cultural connections to the Eastside.

Selected Artists:
Darishma Alphonse, Adika Bell, Jasmine Brown, Kate Cendejas Thun, Anthony Duenas, Lisa Fruichantie, Lourdes Jackson, Gwen Jones, Denis Maina, Gerardo Peña, Shaun Peterson, Kenya Shakoorm, Grace A Washington