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Project Updates

Capital Projects Update – September 2017

Partnership Initiatives

  • Eastside Community Center
    Metro Parks is working with Tacoma Public Schools, the City of Tacoma, Tacoma Housing Authority, Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound, and the YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties to develop a new facility to meet the needs of the Eastside community. We’ll have more updates in the months ahead.
    Status: Foundation and other site work progressed well through the summer,  the main access drive to the school was completed in late August. The normal operations of First Creek Middle School should no longer be immediately impacted by the site work. Foundation and shot-crete wall installations, along with Cast-In-Place concrete walls will continue to occur throughout the month of September.
  • Prairie Line Trail
    Metro Parks is coordinating with the City of Tacoma for an extension of the urban trail that follows the former Prairie Line Rail corridor from South 23rd Street through the UW Tacoma campus and extending to Dock Street along the Thea Foss Waterway. This phase will complete the trail from Pacific Avenue to Dock Street.
    Status: The City is in the right-of-way phase of finalizing easements and is scheduled to bid in early 2017.

Point Defiance Park Projects
(see for more information about Waterfront Phase I and the Master Plan Update)

  • Point Defiance Park - Waterfront Phase 1
    Complete the public pathway from Point Ruston to Point Defiance Park with a new trail and bridge over Pearl Street. Provide a new location for boat and trailer parking to support the existing boat launch. Finish the remediation work at the Point Defiance peninsula and establish a new park on the peninsula land.
    Status:On the peninsula, sail rock face construction will continue, liner will be placed at the bioswales, perimeter concrete will be placed, interior pavilion/artist area will be graded and worked on, fencing will be put up at the yacht club parking lot and striping will be done in the yacht club parking lot. In the Triangle area the boat trailer parking lot will be paved, the sidewalk will be graded and poured, irrigation will be placed on the bluff trail, the trail will also be graded and paved, Lot B will have type A soil and irrigation placed, and light poles and the generator will be installed in Lot B.
  • Point Defiance Park -– Roundabouts
    Design and build roundabouts at the entrance to Point Defiance Park, while updating the intersection at 51st & Pearl and providing a bike lane from 51st to 54th.
    Status: We had originally anticipated construction of the roundabout to begin in late summer of 2017, with a pause during Zoolights and final work finished in spring. Unexpected construction delays will push the start of construction to January 2018, right after Zoolights. Completion is still anticipated for spring 2018 ahead of the Pacific Seas Aquarium grand opening.
  • Parking and Circulation Study
    This is a full comprehensive study for the vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle traffic circulation and additional parking at Point Defiance Park. After study is completed, will be presented with alternatives for additional parking and improved circulation.
    Status: The consultant is finalizing design drawings and reports. Public Meeting #4 is being scheduled.
  • Japanese Garden Design
    In cooperation with Tacoma’s sister city Kitakyushu, this project will reconstruct the Japanese garden in front of the Pagoda in the traditional style. This phase will complete the design as we work with Japanese Garden Designers from Japan.
    Status: Three workshops, a public meeting, and two web page surveys have led to the development and review of a 'Preferred Option' for the Garden and the pedestrian/bicycle circulation related to the Loop Trail Project. In addition, the design team held a Skype meeting with the designers in Kitakyushu to coordinate potential modifications of the site and to involve them in the overall visioning for the entire garden surrounding the Pagoda.
  • Green House Relocation
    Relocated greenhouse production operations to the Tacoma Landfill.
    Status: Final completion expected late June 2017.
  • Boat Lift Improvements
    Improvements will be made to the grates, guide beams, lift enclosures, switches and other improvements as a result of the inspection/design process.
    Status: Project design and review is almost complete. Expect to go out for bid in September 2017.
  • Point Defiance Owen Beach Improvements
    Site improvements at Owen Beach that include new restroom building, renovation and addition of new shelter, new playground, kayak launch and beach accessibility, parking, landscaping and walkway improvements.
    Status: Met with local Tribes on September 7 for project review and additional cultural resources dialog. Schematic designs are set for Oct./Nov.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
(also see the zoo’s capital projects page for more information)

  • New Aquarium
    Design and construction of a new aquarium to replace the aging North Pacific Aquarium.
    Status: Construction is 50% complete. Work is progressing on finalizing interpretive elements.  Public Art projects (3) are progressing on schedule.
  • PDZA Rocky Shores Underwater Viewing Window Improvements
    Remove eight existing windows and replace in-kind for puffin, otter, walrus and sea lion exhibit area.  Included are new frames, bolts and sealants.
    Status: All work on this project is complete. Project will be closed out once contractual paperwork requirements are met by the contractor.
  • Aquatic Animal Care Center
    The Aquatic Animal Care Center will serve as a quarantine space, nursery and breeding facility for animals that will live in the new aquarium. Key physical elements are: concrete slab approximately 3500 square feet, steel structure to be purchased and installed on the slab, utility upgrades for power, water and sewer.
    Status: The Life Support System (LSS) equipment is being installing by PDZA operations staff.  Final completion is LSS assembled and tested to be "fish ready."
  • Picnic Shelter
    Construct a picnic shelter to be placed in the location where Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium currently sets up tents for this purpose every summer. This is to be a permanent structure.
    Status: Submitted for Permit Review with City of Tacoma on August 23, 2017. Awaiting approved permit approval (likely October 2017) and then final bid documents will be prepared and project will be put out to bid.

Other Highlights from Neighborhood Council Areas

New Tacoma

  • W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory Restoration and Expansion
    Renovation and expansion of the conservatory. Steering committee formed and schematic design is underway.
    Status: First steering committee is set for Sept. 18, 2017 for an update and kickoff of the design development drawings.
  • W.W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory Restroom
    Design Development through construction of a restroom connecting to the existing conservatory.
    Status: Construction started on August 7.  Demolition of the shed and outdoor items is complete, excavation for footings is complete. Plumbing and electrical are being roughed in.
  • Foss Waterway Parks
    In collaboration with the Foss Waterway Development Authority this project includes the design for two park sites along the Foss Waterway including a new boathouse facility for kayaks and shells.
    Status: Proceeding into Design Development drawings and public input for Waterway and Central Parks. FWDA prepping to move the project forward into a fund raising phase in cooperation with MPT.   A facility business/program plan is being considered for the human-powered watercraft facilities as well.  Cost for a design development phase has been submitted by SiteWorkshop and currently is under review.
  • Neighbors Park
    Play court resurfacing and ADA access.
    Status:  Will be completed under Phase 2 of the Districtwide Court Improvement project in 2018.

North Tacoma

  • Dickman Mill Park Expansion & Head Saw
    An extension of the existing Dickman Mill Park. This is to restore and publicly display the historic Head Saw and provide plaza space with expanded decking for viewing.
    Status: On August 22 interviews took place and a consultant was chosen. Proposal and contract tentatively will go to Capital Improvement Committee board in October.

South Tacoma

  • Meadow Park Facility Improvements
    Identification and implementation of improvements, including irrigation control and upgrades to the restrooms, restaurant and pro shop.
    Status: Driving Range bid documents have been advertised to receive bidders for work to begin in October 2017. We are receiving an update on the additional design work for structural reinforcing of some of the foundation walls. The remaining work outside of the structural reinforcing, such as ADA restroom upgrades, will occur through the fall, and into the winter.
  • Oak Tree Site Upgrades & Art Project
    Implementation of Development Plan to include new parking lot and seasonal restroom shelter, tool storage shed, trail and path upgrades, site furniture, tree removals, prairie expansions and native plantings to support Oak habitat,  new nature playground, park ID and wayfinding/ interpretive signage. After the city completed the Prairie Line Trail, Metro Parks Tacoma will provide restoration to two adjacent areas to the trail (pump house parking lot, gravel pit and partnering with the COT with an art project).
    Status: Phase 1 of the project will include the Meadow Area. Currently permitting the Meadow Area work with Tacoma Water and City of Tacoma. Bidding for Phase 1 to occur in mid-September 2017. Phase 2 will include the parking area in 2018 after further coordination with Tacoma Water.
  • South Park
    Play court resurfacing and ADA access.
    Status: Will be completed under Phase 2 of the Districtwide Court Improvement project in 2018.

South End

  • Wapato Park – Dock Replacement
    This will replace the two wooden dock structures for improved access and paddleboat/ kayak launching and events.
    Status: Both docks have been removed and the upland work is taking place (walkways) in the dry weather and while we wait for the new piles to be delivered.  Pile driving is planned to start by the end of September. Project is still on time.
  • Charlotte’s Blueberry Park Garden/Playground
    Design of community garden/park amenities. Continuation of public process to address possible addition of playfield, trails, and/or wetland enhancement.
    Status: 80% construction drawings complete and reviewed. Permits were submitted on Aug. 4 and are being reviewed. Still on schedule for fall construction.
  • Verlo Playfield
    Basketball court resurfacing and ADA access. ADA access to tennis court, consider alternative use for tennis court area.
    Status: Will be completed under Phase 2 of the Districtwide Court Improvement project in 2018.
  • Stewart Heights Park
    Court improvements.
    Status: Will be done under Phase 1 of the Districtwide Courts project. Bruce Dees under contract - Design to occur in Oct/Nov 2017. Topographic Survey completed.

North East

  • Browns Point Lighthouse
    Accessible pathways and promenade, additional parking, new furnishings.
    Status: Archeology survey is Sept. 25, 2017. Permit is expected in mid-September 2017. Construction anticipated for late October 2017.
  • Browns Point Playfield
    Basketball and tennis court reconstruction due to large cracks, improve ADA parking and access route to basketball courts.  Make necessary improvements to play equipment.
    Status: Will be done under Phase 1 of the Districtwide Courts project. Bruce Dees under contract - Design to occur in Oct/Nov 2017. Topographic Survey completed.


  • Tacoma Nature Center Building and ADA Improvements
    The scope of work includes ADA upgrades and improvements to the entry ramp, and entry door; relocation of a utility pole at Discovery Pond; replacement of exterior wooden stair treads; and utility routing to Coyote Flats. There will also be minor site and signage upgrades on the TNC property and a Facility Assessment to the main building. Dependent upon the result of the facility assessment, the scope of work may shift to address needs at the main building.
    Status: A&E Consultant finished documentation for ADA and site improvements. BCRA Nexus assessed the TNC main building, and is finalizing the report of findings. Additional work on the building, beyond ADA upgrades, is dependent on the results of the assessment.

West End

  • Titlow Lagoon Design and Phase 1
    Provide matching funds for lagoon restoration in accordance with partnering agencies.
    Status: Pending. Communications are underway with South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group in the context of the Master Plan Update for Titlow Park. Geotechnical Investigation to occur in September 2017, BNSF permit pending.
  • Titlow/Hidden Beach Improvements
    Hidden Beach and natural area trail/path/beach access upgrades. Landscaping enhancements, natural area restoration, demolition of shelter and old restroom at Hidden Beach. Utility modifications at former TOA facility. Remove or perform bridge retrofits to TOA Railroad bridge.
    Status: The topographic survey is underway for the TOA Survey and Demolition project.  Consultant selection scheduled for Sept. 13 for the Titlow Park Master Plan Update.

Completed Projects:

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