Swan Creek Park

E. 42nd St. & Roosevelt Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98404

(253) 305-1054

Project Manager: Kristi Evans

Swan Creek Park is a 373-acre greenspace with a salmon bearing stream, wooded canyon, upland forest, paved and natural trails, a community garden, and mountain bike trails.

Estimated Phase II Timeline

  • Master Plan - Complete
  • Schematic Design - Spring 2019
  • Design Development - Summer 2019
  • Construction Documents - Winter 2020
  • Construction Complete - Winter 2021
  • Funded Phase II Improvements

About the Project

  • Phase II Improvements
  • Dog Park
  • New Restroom
  • 2 picnic shelters
  • 75 parking spaces
  • 3.65 miles of pedestrian and bicycle paths
  • 4.94 miles of renovated trails
  • Park entrance sign
  • Orientation kiosk
  • Interpretive graphics
  • Road improvements
  • New plantings

In 2016 closed the McKinley off-leash area to comply with the Habitat Enhancement plan for the critical area buffer regulated by the City of Tacoma. We had hoped to move it quickly to Swan Creek Park. Unfortunately a series of events has changed the timeline.

It was decided we should refresh the masterplan for the Lister Uplands portion of Swan Creek Park before starting on the next phase of capital improvements. Some of the delay is also centered around grant opportunities.

The good news is the public process is underway!

Completed Projects

Swan Creek Park Phase I

Several upgrades, including a 20-stall parking lot near the existing community garden and new park entrances. Project complete.

Swan Creek Mountain Bike Trails II

Additional trails to the mountain bike course. Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance is performing design and leading volunteer construction efforts. Project complete.

2013 – Trail Improvements

The focus was on the Swan Creek canyon and adjacent uplands – improving and building a network of soft surfaced pedestrian trails to expand the recreational use of the park. Signage was added to select main trails.

2013 – E. 56th Street Improvements

The Lister School entry improvements included a directory sign, new swing gate, and park entry sign.

2012 – Community Garden

Reactivation of the irrigation water service at this site; re-construction of irrigation hydrants to provide hose watering access to all garden plots; relocation leveling and painting and modifications to the existing garden shed; installation of a chain link perimeter garden fence; and other incidental purchases and improvements associated with the Community Garden.

July 25, 2011

Swan Creek Master Plan accepted by the Board of Park Commissioners.