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Fort Nisqually Escape Room Games

5519 Five Mile Dr
Tacoma, WA 98407

(253) 305-1084

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5400 N. Pearl #11
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Escape Fort Nisqually
Enter Fort Nisqually by candlelight and embark on an epic adventure through time. Based on documented historic events, Escape Fort Nisqually games use archival records, historic buildings, and hands-on museum collections to build challenging analog escape games.Critically-acclaimed and award-winning, Escape Fort Nisqually is the perfect blend of history and escape game experience.

Escape Fort Nisqually games last approximately one hour.

Arrested: Escape Fort Nisqually
Arrested: Escape Fort Nisqually immerses players in Puget Sound history and international intrigue. Using intellect and wit, players unravel a trail of clues to discover Hudson’s Bay Company secrets before they fall into American hands. Arrested is a thought provoking game of mystery and conspiracy.

Arrested accommodates up to 10 players.

Trapped: Escape Fort Nisqually, the original Escape Fort Nisqually game, is torn from the pages of history. Players work to uncover a trapper’s hidden secrets and solve tactile puzzles to unlock their way to freedom. Trapped is a fast-paced game of suspense where players race against the clock to piece together information they will need to reemerge into the 21st century.

Trapped accommodates up to 8 players.

Escape Fort Nisqually is a collaboration between Metro Parks Tacoma, Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, and Labyrinth Escape Games out of Portland, Oregon.

Contact Laura Slone at for rental information and rates.