Fuzhou Ting on a sunny day
couple is married under the fuzhou ting pavilion
couple is married under the fuzhou ting pavilion

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Starting Price:



15 spaces, 1 accessible

Fuzhou Ting

Capacity: 100 standing
$325 per 2-hour rental

The Fuzhou Ting, a 30-foot x 40-foot ornate pavilion, is a donation (including design, materials and construction assistance) from Fuzhou, China, one of Tacoma’s Sister Cities, in support of our Chinese reconciliation efforts.

Through a partnership with the City of Tacoma, Metro Parks Tacoma manages rentals of the Fuzhou Ting for small-scale, outdoor private events such as weddings and ceremonies.

The Fuzhou Ting accommodates up to 100 people standing underneath and on the outer perimeters of the pavilion.

Approximately 25 people (under pavilion)
Approximately 75 people (pavilion perimeter)

  • Available for rent from June 1 through Sept 30, 7 days a week
  • No seating available, standing room only
  • Rented in two hour blocks beginning at 11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm
  • $325 per two-hour block
  • Reservations accepted up to 12 months in advance of event date
  • Rental Contract

Cancellation Policy

More than 151 days’ written notice of cancellation will receive a 50% refund; 0 to 150 days’ notice = no refund. Additionally, no refunds are given due to weather conditions.


  • Parking: 15 parking spaces, 1 accessible space
  • Decorations: no staples, nails or duct tape; decorating time included in rental time
  • Electricity: Access to 2 110 V. electrical outlets available
  • Miscellaneous: Renter is responsible for picking up all trash and removing all event equipment immediately following the event.
  • Restrooms: There are no public restrooms available within the park.
  • Parking: Parking is free but extremely limited.

Please remember that your facility rental is for the Ting Pergola only. The rental client and Metro Parks Tacoma cannot reserve parking spaces or restrict other people’s activities in the park nearby unless the activities are illegal.

Our parks are open for public use and your experience may include:

  • Various wildlife
  • Loud music or park patrons
  • Dogs running off-leash and/or dogs excessively barking
  • People enjoying the park in close proximity to your rental space.

Overall facility appearance and condition at Metro Parks Tacoma facilities may change between venue viewing and the day of the scheduled event.