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People's Center Pool Rental
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Starting Price:



43 spaces

Private Pool Rental

Capacity: 100
Rental Time: 2 hr minimum, weekends 5-7 pm
Parking: 43 spaces, 4 accessible
Audio/Visual: No
Kitchen: No
Pricing: $85-$130

Recreation Swim Parties

Capacity: 25
Rental Time: Available during Recreational Swim times. The pool is open to the public during this time.
Parking: 43 spaces, 4 accessible
Audio/Visual: No
Kitchen: No
Pricing: $50

People’s Pool

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  • Recreation Swim Parties
  • Pool Features
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Private Pool Rentals are available Saturday and Sunday from 5-7 pm. Private party room included during the pool reservation time.

Rental Prices

Up to 25 people

  • $85/hour (passholder)
  • $100/hour (non-passholder)

26-50 people

  • $100/hour (passholder)
  • $115/hour (non-passholder)

51-100 people

  • $115/hour (passholder)
  • $130/hour (non-passholder)

$50 damage/cleaning deposit is required for private parties.

Recreation Swim Parties

Enjoy a Pool Party during our Recreational Swim times. The pool is open to the public during this time. Private party room included with your reservation.

Monday, Wednesday or Friday 6:30-8:00 pm
Tuesday, Thursday or Friday 4-5:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday 1-2:30pm; 3-4:30pm

Rental Prices

Up to 25 Guests
$50 per hour + Admission + $50 deposit
Pool admission:

  • Passholders – Free
  • Non-Passholders -Youth $3, Adult $4

Admission fee includes the duration of the swim session.

Pool Features

The pool features stair-step access to a shallow swimming area and submerged bench, perfect for introductory swimming lessons. The entire pool is relatively shallow, making it enjoyable even for non-swimmers.

  • Three-lane lap pool
  • Passive swim area and bench
  • A spraypad especially for toddlers
  • A current channel and vortex, designed for both fun and therapy
  • Floating pads for walk-on-water play
  • Two poolside basketball hoops
  • Two party rooms
  • Two family changing areas/restrooms and one additional restroom

Additional Information

Children under the age of seven and those who cannot meet the height requirement must have an adult in the water within an arm’s length at all times while the child is in the water.