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Seymour Conservatory Acccessibility Info

  • Parking:  There are no designated parking stalls on site.  There is a paved roundabout for parking and passenger drop off.   The route to entry is firm and level.
  • Entrance:  Main Entrance is the accessible entrance.  External doors are not automated and require less then 8lb of pressure to open.  Doors are commonly propped open and staff is available for assistance.
  • Route:  There is a 36" + wide accessible route through the floral displays and a turnaround at each end of the walk through the exhibit, however there is limited passing space on the walk.   Given that the WW Seymour Botanical Conservatory displays live plant life, some incidental greenery may extend into the accessible route.
  • Assistance:  Most information, exhibit signage and customer materials are within the 15-48" reach range.  Staff is available to provide assistance with out of reach items, particularly in the gift shop.
  • Restrooms:  There are no restrooms available on site
  • Viewing:  The lobby provides good viewing of floral exhibits and companion space next to the lobby benches is available.
  • Sensory Experience:  Persons with plant allergies or sensitivity should review the seasonal display list and/or call ahead to inquire about specific plants on display when making a determination to attend.
  • - Sounds:  facility plays background music and has interior water fountain
    - Smells:  some flowers may have a particularly strong scent
    - Touch:  many plants can be delicately touched; sensitive plant species & any species known to be an irritant are kept off the pathway