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Shoal and Shimmer

undefinedArtwork Title 1: Shoal

Artwork Title 2: Shimmer

  • Location: Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium – New Pacific Seas Aquarium
  • Selected Artist: Gordon Huether
  • Installation Date: summer 2018
  • Budget: $265,000

Project Overview:  

Gordon Huether was chosen by a selection committee for this project in May 2017. Huether will install two installations in the new Pacific Seas Aquarium. Both work with light, and play off of the incredible marine life showcased in the aquarium.

The first installation, Shoal, is inspired by a shoal of herring. Using hundreds of metal fish waterjet-cut in the artist’s studio, the installation will depicts the small, silvery school of herring that are abundant in the waters of Puget Sound. Colored LED lighing will cast a revolving cast of colors, changing the appearance of fish shapes.

The second installation, Shimmer, is inspired by the light shimmer found in the existing North Pacific Aquarium. The artist will capture and project video of the shimmer as an immersive installation, reminding viewers of the sensation of floating on the water. The two public art installations will be an integral part of the new aquarium, and will help tell the story of the ocean and our responsibility to protect it.


Gordon Huether, from Napa, CA, has made over 70 public art pieces from Austin, TX to the Bay Area, New York and Germany.  He works to create a dialogue between the art and architecture of a site, enhancing people’s experience of a space with new perceptions.