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Smoke Free Tacoma


Thank you for complying with City of Tacoma Municipal Code 8.27.085, which prohibits smoking in all Tacoma parks.

green-soccer-posterSmoking is the nation's leading cause of preventable deaths. About 1,000 people in Pierce County die each year from tobacco-related illnesses.

In October 2009, Tacoma joined more than 400 hundred U.S. cities that prohibit smoking in parks. More than 80% of Pierce County residents are non-smokers and two cities in the county, Gig Harbor and Puyallup, have already adopted similar laws.

The law clearly declares that all park properties, both developed and undeveloped, are designated smoke-free areas. This applies to all properties owned and operated by Metro Parks Tacoma, as well as parks owned by the City of Tacoma.

The ordinance prohibits smoking anywhere on these properties including parking lots and promenades, and includes all public recreation spaces such as fishing piers and ballparks. Much like the municipal helmet law, park visitors are expected to comply with the law regardless of whether onsite signage is present or not.

Smoking in parks has been designated as a misdemeanor with a potential $25 penalty.

  • Read the Municipal Code  (Municipal Code: Select Section 8 – Review code number 8.27.085 for additional information)


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