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Social Recreation Programs

Our Social Recreation Programs are designed for people with disabilities to increase independence by having fun socializing with peers at the STAR Center supervised by trained (and fun) staff. You help plan the activity calendars; includes making crafts, playing games, dancing, seasonal parties - and whatever else you come up with.

Tuesday Night Activity Club (on Tuesdays) & Wednesday Night Social Group (on Wednesdays)
Feel free to sign up for both Tuesday & Wednesday night if you like! These are social groups where you can socialize with your friends, play games, dance to music, and participate in the arts. Both nights are at the STAR Center. Tuesday meets from 6:45-8:15pm and is a little more mellow; they enjoy more crafts. Wednesday meets from 6-8 pm and is a little more active and loud; they enjoy more dancing and music. 

Daytimes (Tuesday and/or Thursdays)
This is a fun program during the lunch time and afternoon (noon - 2pm at STAR Center). You can sign up for both Tuesdays and Thursdays if you want. Please bring a sack lunch from home. After lunch, we play games, do arts and crafts, and get our bodies moving with easy exercises and some dance moves.

Lifetime Fitness
We love to play games, excercise and get our fitness on! We will do everything from stretching to kickball with our friends. Come and play with us! Thursdays at STAR Center (4 pm-5:30 pm).

Tacoma Garden Society
Come garden with us!  Learn to grow fruits, veggies, flowers and more as we dig in the dirt in our garden in the spring and summer.  Mondays 1 pm- 2:30 pm (Spring and Summer Quarters)

Learn how to relax, settle your mind and have fun with friends.  We'll learn about how our thoughts and feelings are connected as we learn to become more self-aware and in control.


Contact Us

To get more involved with Specialized Recreation social programs please call or email Beau at: (253) 404-3950