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Sports Field Rentals

(253) 305-1025 •
These fields are available for rent:
  • Outlying Fields

    Baseball / Softball

    Franklin Field, Jane Clark Baseball, Jane Clark Softball, Jefferson Baseball, Jefferson Softball, Stewart Heights Baseball, Vassault Baseball, Vassault Softball

    Soccer / Football / Ultimate (or Open Field Space)
    Franklin Field, Jane Clark Field, Upper Jefferson Field, Lower Jefferson Field, Upper Portland Avenue, Lower Portland Ave, Stewart Heights Field, Vassault BB Field, Vassault SB Field

    Note: Parks classified as Neighborhood Parks (i.e. Optimist Park, Lincoln Eldridge,) are not available for sports field rental. These parks are open to the public on a first come first serve basis provided there are no prior programs or events scheduled.


  • Athletic Complexes
SERA, Peck, Heidelberg, Maguinez Field (located at Heidelberg)
  • Lawn Bowling at Wright Park
    Reserve the court (Apr. 1-Sep. 30): 
  • Reservation Application
  • or call 253-305-1006.
  • *equipment not included

    The gates are locked to avoid damage to the green. Any unauthorized cutting, removal, or destruction of the turf is prohibited. To protect the green, only flat soled shoes should be worn, croquet cannot be played here and dogs are not allowed in this area.

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