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Sprayground Water Quality

Keeping the water clean . . .

The water at our Spraygrounds is recycled and sanitized through filtration and UV light.

At Jefferson, for example, there is a 3,000 gallon tank underground that is continuously (24/7) being circulated, filtered, and treated. The system automatically monitors and adds chlorine and CO2 as needed (as well as being manually monitored by staff several times a day during the summer). The system is designed to turn off if chlorine levels fall below the prescribed level. Once a week the tank is totally emptied, cleaned and replenished with clean tap water. And just before the water goes out to the spray pad it passes through a Ultra Violet (UV) filter that instantaneously kills any bacteria or bugs.

With the recirc system we use about 7,000 gallons a week. If it were fresh water it would be almost a million gallons of water a week.