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Stewart Heights Pool Accessibility Info

  • Parking: There is designated ADA parking on site, and an access route from the overflow parking. Passenger drop off is provided near the admission booth.
  • Entrance: Main Entrance is the accessible entrance. Direct entry at the gate can be provided upon request to by-pass the locker rooms.
  • Admission: Per health code all animals, including service animals, are not allowed in the water. Only service animals are allowed in the pool complex. Please notify the admissions cashier if you normally have a service animal and identify what service the animal normally provides you if you would like support during your visit.
  • Route: There is a 36" + wide accessible route through the locker rooms and on the pool deck, however, furnishings on the pool deck are often moved by patrons.
  • Furnishings: 20% of the square green tables meet ADA dimensions for table height & knee & toe clearance; bistro tables can be elevated upon request. With 24 hour notice, an ADA table can be reserved.
  • Water entry: The pool provides a zero depth, walk in entry. A water wheel chair is available upon request. The pool has multiple amenities geared toward different ages, interests and abilities.
  • Restrooms: The locker rooms & the restrooms located in them are ADA accessible. There is a family dressing room that meets ADA standards as well.
  • Assistance: All amenities are offered within reach range, however lockers are at varied heights. Staff is available to provide assistance with any out of reach items.
  • Hospitality/Rental Rooms: All service and admission counters & sinks are 36" or lower. The rental room tables & chairs are placed by users. The restroom in the party room has limited transfer space.
  • Outdoor Sensory Experience: The pool is an outdoor environment with many people in a small space. Noise level may be bothersome to some people. The pool requires chemicals that may irritate persons with sensitivities.