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Strategic Master Plan Update

It's your park district. That's why we asked for help earlier this year as we updated our Strategic Master Plan. The plan spells out what direction the park district should go and how to get there.

We’re nearly done, and your feedback is needed one more time!

The Strategic Master Plan outlines a process through which the park district aims to meet community needs and sustain operations through the next six years.


The overarching framework shows the prominence
and starting point of the Strategic Master Plan:


Project Objectives

Metro Parks is facilitating agency master plan update process that will:


  1. Develop a document that is concise, user-friendly, and implementable with clear high level strategies for the next 6 years, effective in 2018.
  2. Review the agency’s Mission, Vision, Values, Goals and Objectives regarding public expectations and performance evaluations
  3. Draw upon data, findings and recommendations in various community assessment surveys and locally-adopted applicable plans to update current agency and community needs.
  4. Evaluate and ensure alignment of the agency’s goals and objectives regarding community needs and opportunities.  Determine any deficiencies in existing objectives and recommend new action steps.
  5. Provide policy recommendations towards best practices in strategic planning for park systems, particularly in the area of performance measures and levels of service.  Create outcome based measures for Metro Parks Tacoma. 
  6. Provide a comprehensive suite of opportunities for park customers, elected and appointed officials, partner organizations, staff, and constituents of the District to provide feedback and direction in the development of the plan.
  7. Conclude no later than November 1, 2017, so that the Metro Parks Tacoma Board of Park Commissioners may review and officially adopt the new plan in anticipation of the new year.