Filbert T. Frog (Mascot)staff filbert
Filbert is the Tacoma Nature Center’s newest employee and our first ever mascot. This is Filbert’s first experience as a mascot. And he had never even visited the TNC before, so he’s got a lot to learn.

You might see Filbert out there in programs, in the classroom, in the office and everywhere that TNC folks are doing their thing. He’s super excited to learn all about Snake Lake and the Nature Center, and he can’t wait to help us celebrate our 40th Anniversary!

Welcome, Filbert!

Dennis Adjetey (Education Program Assistant)

staff dennisDennis has taught environmental education at the Tacoma Nature Center since 2016. He fills in at the preschool, teaches camps, leads school tours and does whatever else needs doing. Dennis loves working with kids and enjoys tailoring each activity to each specific group of kids he teaches. His main goal is to help kids be comfortable and happy with themselves.

One of the favorite things Dennis has done here at the Nature Center is lead the group of middle school campers who painted the mural of the bee life cycle on our Annex. He loves to spend time outside hiking and taking photos. (Fun fact? He LOVES turtles!)

Dennis is studying architecture and design, and in his spare time he loves to build things. He studied at the University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom for two years, now he is looking to complete his education here in Washington.

Lauren Bentson (Education Program Coordinator)

staff laurenLauren is the Education Program Coordinator. She became a Tacoma Nature Center Education Program Specialist in August 2015 after serving as the Program Coordinator for the Exploring New Horizons Outdoor Schools in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. Here at the Nature Center Lauren is responsible for coordinating and teaching Homeschool Science, Scout programs, Summer Day Camps, and School Field Trips.

Growing up in Boston her love of nature was fostered by visiting local parks and green spaces in the city, which is one of the many reasons why urban environmental education is close to her heart. She earned her BS in Environmental Science while playing catcher for the Franklin Pierce University softball team and went on to get her MS in Environmental Studies (focused on Environmental Education) at Antioch University. Since then she has worked as an environmental educator and naturalist from New Hampshire to Alaska.

When she’s not sharing her love of nature with your family Lauren enjoys hiking, kayaking, riding her bicycle, surfing, spending time with her dog, writing music, listening to the radio, and playing the guitar. She writes and records original music, and likes incorporating nature-themed music into her lessons.

Renicka Berry (Preschool Instructor)

staff renicka photo 1Renicka is excited to be a part of the Tacoma Nature Center teaching team. She has been in the early childhood education field for about 13 years and has been a teacher at the Tacoma Nature Center Preschool since 2016.

She is originally from Palm Springs, California and moved to Washington around 2012. Renicka’s husband is in the military and they have a wonderful daughter. Her family loves to go out for picnics, hikes and love to spend their time enjoying Lake Cushman.

Jess Brewer (Preschool Instructor)

Nature Center Staff 10Jess is one of our all-outdoor preschool teachers. She is a Washington native who has a wealth of experience that she brings to the TNC. She has worked as a Northwest Trek naturalist, YMCA Camp Seymour Outdoor and Environmental Education instructor a Program Specialist for the Girl Scouts and as a classroom teacher for the University Place School District. She also tutors kids outside of school. Jess is all about education!

Jess has a lifetime love of the outdoors and has a special affinity for outdoor education and all that it can bring to a child’s life. She loves her outdoor classroom, the TNC staff and the families she works with as a preschool teachers. She finds this community of people to be especially supportive and collaborative.

When she’s not at TNC Jess loves to play games and take walks with her husband and two kids (and their cats and dogs!). She takes lots of pictures of her wonderful kids. She also loves birds, ethnobotany and gardening!

Michele Cardinaux (Nature Center Supervisor)

staff micheleMichele has managed the Tacoma Nature Center programs and facilities since 2005. Before that she worked at Northwest Trek for eight years, so she is really in tune with environmental education in our community.

The supervisor position means that Michele gets to see everything that’s going on at the Nature Center and she loves working with the public and with the Center Staff.
She has over 30 years of experience working in the environmental education field from working with cities and counties to working at Crater Lake National Park. She’s proud of all of the Nature Center’s accomplishments and counts the Nurture in Nature preschool as one of the biggest successes here.

When she’s not overseeing work at the Nature Center Michele loves to read, craft and spend time in nature. As a self-described “nature nerd” Michele loves to take her time and really enjoy observational experiences in the natural world. Taking a walk in the woods with her is taking a walk with a guide to the plants along the way!

Kyle Clogston (Adventure Programming)


staff kyle kayaking

Metro Parks. Kayak lesson off Owen Beach at Point Defiance Park. Photos by Russ Carmack

The Outdoor Adventure Program was moved to the Tacoma Nature Center in July 2015 which is when Kyle joined the TNC. Kyle coordinates the Outdoor Adventure Programs for the TNC and his programs include adult, youth, and family kayaking, snowshoeing, hiking and climbing trips. During the summer Kyle facilitates a nine week outdoor camp for middle school aged youth.

Kyle grew up in the Seattle area and spent his childhood either on the back of a road cycling tandem with his dad or out backpacking and fishing in the Cascades. Because of his upbringing he values the outdoors and has pursued a career to educate others of the many wonders of getting outside. He graduated with his degree in Outdoor Recreation from Western Washington University. Before leading the TNC trips he coordinated the “Y-Adventure School” in Bellingham and spent the summers running the YMCA’s week-long caravans leading students on climbing, rafting, skateboarding, surfing and cycling trips up and down the west coast.

When he’s not leading programs for TNC you will find Kyle paddling, sailing, cycling, backpacking, etc.. Kyle is also an avid Pickleball player playing in a league and tournaments.

Brandon Hawn (Education Program Specialist)

staff brandon w tortoiseBrandon first became involved with the Tacoma Nature as a 12-year old volunteer in the Nature Center’s teen volunteers in 2004. He volunteered for six years, was a paid intern for a year and was hired to our education staff in 2011.

Brandon is involved with on-site programming including scout programs, homeschool science, birthday parties, summer day camp, school tours as well as some off-site programming including family nature walks and low tide events. He is also currently teaching the all-outdoor preschool section.

Brandon’s favorite part of working at the Nature Center would have to be working with a fun and supportive staff as well as getting the opportunity to foster an appreciation and interest for nature and the outdoors in the kids and families that he works with.

When he isn’t teaching your family Brandon is an all-around nature nerd and spends his off time exploring the various corners of the Pacific Northwest looking for our native flora and fauna.

James Krolikowski (Preschool Instructor)

staff james 2016James began her career here at the Tacoma Nature Center as a volunteer with the after school science programs in 2011. Now she works for the TNC as a Summer Camp Instructor as a Nurture in Nature Preschool instructor.

James grew up playing in the Great Northwest woods with her two brothers and developed a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world early on. She graduated with both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science from Evergreen State College and then earned her Washington State Teaching Certificate. She has previously worked at the Lyon Arboretum at the University of Hawaii as an environmental educator and at the Armand Bayou Nature Center in Houston, Texas.

James is a certified plant geek! She volunteers every summer for Mt Rainier National Parks Meadowatch Plant Phenology Study and enjoys botanizing with fellow plant geeks in her spare time. She also aspires to be a more fluent bird nerd. When she’s not geeking out with plants and birds she loves to spend time with her husband, children and their adopted kitty.

Paula Larson (Marketing Assistant)

Paula joined the Tacoma Nature Center in the fall of 2015. As the Marketing Assistant she creates Facebook posts, updates the webpage and produces content for the monthly member newsletter. Prior to her time here Paula was a wildlife biologist for over 15 years working with owls, hawks, turtles and more.

Paula has always loved animals and being in nature. When she was young she loved spending time on her grandparent’s ranch and playing sports of all kinds. Now she’s grown up she still loves spending time in nature and playing sports of all kinds! She received her BS in Wildlife from Humboldt State University in northern California (Go Lumberjacks!).

When she’s not finding adorable photos to post on the TNC Facebook page Paula works leading activities for kids and adults of all abilities with Pierce County Parks and Recreation and Metro Parks Specialized recreation. She is also a freelance writer. Paula enjoys spending time with her wife and her (very) elderly dog and cat, bird watching and working in her garden.

Kerry Phibbs (Park Steward)

KerryPhibbsOct2002Kerry has worked at the Tacoma Nature Center since 2003. As a Park Steward Kerry does a huge variety of things to support the facilities, the staff and the programs. If you have walked the trail, entered the building, been in our preschool or attended an on-site program Kerry has made your experience here better.

Before coming to work here at the Nature Center he worked for every area of Metro Parks Tacoma through the years. He has years of experience in a wide variety of facility support and he can create or fix almost anything.

Kerry is a University of Washington graduate who studied physics, chemistry, geology and more. His curiosity and inquisitive nature have led him to be many things through the years, such as Master Gardener, Audubon member and a geomorphology nut. He has also held the esteemed position of staff smart aleck for several years running.

Cecelia Schilling (Education Program Assistant)

staff ceceliaCecelia’s first time with the TNC was as a 5 year old camper! Her family was active in the Tahoma Audubon Society, and she was surrounded by nature as a child. She eventually became a teen volunteer, a teen intern, and she was so awesome that she joined the staff in 2016. As an Education Program Assistant she helps a LOT of our programs. Cecelia plans and leads summer camps, assists Outdoor Adventure programs, teaches the Water Sleuth outreach programs, and helps out in a variety of ways at TNC.

Her favorite thing about working at TNC is that she gets to teach a wide range of kiddos about the wonders in nature, and to raise their awareness of the challenges we are facing as a society in terms of the natural world. She feels super lucky to get to work with such an amazing group of staff members.

Cecelia is studying Fine Arts at PLU with a concentration in printmaking and hopes to get a Masters of Teaching in the future. She’s a busy lady, but in the little free time she has Cecelia loves to garden, bake, and create art inspired by nature (mostly painting with acrylic and watercolors). She gets outside as often as possible, kayaking and hiking, and immersing herself in nature. She sees nature as an inspiration for her art.