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A & E Roster

Architectural and Engineering Roster

Effective Jan 8, 2020, Metro Parks is transitioning the A&E Roster from MRSC to an In-House Roster.

Although submittals will be accepted throughout the year, Metro Parks recommends that a full submittal package be submitted by January 22, 2020, to be included in the 2020 A&E Roster.

All A&E Roster applicants must submit a full package this year, including both a hard copy and electronic version of the 2020 Qualification Form, along with a Statement of Qualifications. A&E Roster submittals will have a two-year life, requiring yearly resubmittal of the qualification form.

Metro Parks encourages minority and/or women-owned firms to respond to this solicitation in accordance with its Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise (M/WBE) Policy 200.023. Additionally, Metro Parks occasionally receives state or federal funding for capital improvement projects. These State or Federally funded projects are encouraged to participate in Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise (M/WBE) goal achievement. For more information on state M/WBE certification, see

Apprenticeship Training Program

The Apprenticeship Training Program provides opportunities for workers in state-approved apprentice programs to perform work that provides living wages on qualifying Metro Parks Tacoma public works projects.

Participation in the program

Apprenticeship Training Program Policy

Contractors must contract with state-approved apprentices for 15% of a project’s total labor hour goal on qualifying public works contracts totaling $250,000 or more.

  • The Apprenticeship Training Program Utilization Goal is estimated by the Project Manager/Architect/Engineer and Apprenticeship Training Program Coordinator.
  • The goal and information about the program will be included in the bid specifications for the project.

Contractor Requirements

Apprenticeship Training Program Information

  • Contractors must present their Apprenticeship Training Program Utilization Plan for meeting the 15% utilization goal at a pre-construction meeting.
  • Contractors can use subcontractor hours toward meeting the goal.
  • Contractors must provide a Washington State Apprentice Verification Form for every person from whom the contractor will claim credit.
  • Once the project is underway, Contractors will turn in payroll information listing all apprentices working on the project.
  • Contractors who do not meet the goal may be assessed a monetary penalty for each unmet labor hour which will then support and cover operation costs of the Apprenticeship Training Program.

Contact Us

Contact Us

For general contract bidding questions contact:

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