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Traffic Alert - Point Defiance

Traffic Alert - Point Defiance Park

Due to construction of a  roundabout, visitors should be aware of detours within the park. Point Defiance Park and its attractions are open during construction.

Entering the park

Vehicles may enter the park at Pearl Street or Mildred Street. Both entrances are open. See map below.

Exiting the park

Vehicles must exit via Mildred Street or from the Boathouse/Ferry. See map below.

Make your visit a pleasant one

  • Visit early in the day. When sunny days fall on the weekend we see park useage spike. Be aware that traffic is most likely to back up later in the afternoon when park attractions are closing.
  • Carpool, carpool, carpool
  • Use alternate transportation. Take the bus, ride a bicycle, or walk. (Scroll down to view the pedestrian access map)


Pedestrian Access Into the Park

The route with yellow arrows below is the safest way for pedestrians to enter the park.


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