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Child Watch

Child Watch
Child Watch is a drop-in service for parents while they use other areas of the facility.

It is available for youth ages 6 months to 12 years during designated times. Child Watch is available for STAR Pass holders.
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tot crawling out of tubeHours:
  • Mon-Fri 9-1 pm
  • Mon-Thur 4-8 pm
  • Sat/Sun 9-12 pm

  • $17/Month (with parent STAR Pass)
  • $7/Day Pass (with parent STAR Pass)

Things to know before you visit:
  • A waiver is required and both the child and parent need a pass; parent identification is required for pick-up; child will only be released to adult that signed them in
  • Staff supervises Child Watch; no parents are allowed past designated check-in area; parents must remain on site; two-hour max per day
  • No personal toys, belongings, or electronic devices are permitted
  • Child Watch may be held in Tot Trek, party rooms or playgrounds; outdoor playground may not be open during Child Watch hours
  • Parents will be asked to return to the playground for behaviors, accidents, diaper changes and/or 5+ minutes of inconsolable crying
  • Staff are not permitted to administer medications of any kind
  • Suggested staff ratios are 1:5 (6 months- 2 years); 1:10 (3-12 years). Staff reserve the right to modify ratios for any reason
  • All general playground rules apply to both parents and children