Create a new Fourth of July family tradition!

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Create a new Fourth of July family tradition!

Personal Fireworks Use is Prohibited in Tacoma

Personal Fireworks Use is Prohibited in Tacoma 1

Personal fireworks use is banned in the City of Tacoma. Violators are subject to a $257 fine and the confiscation of their fireworks.

Start a new fourth of July tradition this year! There are many fun facilities open all weekend, including on July 4th.

Make sure your new traditions include physical distancing with people outside your home and keep your facemask close at hand.

Violations of the fireworks ban can be reported by calling the non-emergency police number at (253) 789-4721. For emergencies like life-threatening injury or fire, call 911. If you have additional questions, please call the Fire Prevention Division at (253) 591-5740 or visit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are fireworks illegal in Tacoma?
    Absolutely – all of them! In the city of Tacoma, it is unlawful to purchase, possess, or discharge any fireworks except for display fireworks discharged by professionals at a permitted community event.
  • Why are they banned?
    Fireworks were originally banned in 1992 following a very dry spring. Officials were concerned about high fire danger and limited the discharge to one day only. In a close vote the following spring, the City Council banned fireworks completely. However, the deciding factor was not because of weather-related conditions, but due to the inherent danger that fireworks pose to residents and property. After much debate and in a close vote in May of 1998, the City Council decided to keep the ban in place.
  • What if I buy my fireworks in another city or on Tribal Land?
    If you buy fireworks and bring them to Tacoma you risk being fined and having them confiscated because they are not legal here. Remember, many of the fireworks purchased on Tribal Land are only legal to discharge on Tribal Land.

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