High School Sports Interns


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Interested in a Career in Sports?

Metro Parks Coaching and Sport Management Internship provides Tacoma high school students a pathway to entry-level sport and recreation employment opportunities across Tacoma.

Our Elementary Sports Coaching Internship provides Tacoma’s high school students a pathway to entry-level recreation opportunities across Tacoma.Students will develop on-field coaching and off-field sport management skills at one of Metro Parks’ Elementary Sports Program Sites while receiving class credit for the unpaid internship experience.

After completing the year-long (Sept-June) internship program, students are invited to interview for job opportunities with Metro Parks.

The ideal candidate for this internship opportunity is self-motivated, outgoing, organized and available one afternoon per week to coach practice (3:30-5pm) and Saturdays to coach games (10-2pm).

  • Internship focused on sport and recreation management.
  • Each intern will be assigned to one of the Elementary Sports sites for sports seasons running September to June.
  • Job duties including on-field coaching (multiple sports) and off-field administrative tasks (equipment inventory, input with planning award banquets, recruitment for upcoming seasons, etc.)
  • Ongoing training for athletic, social and emotional coaching/skill development.
  • 1 occupational education credit towards graduation through completion of Next Move Internship assignments (career research, resume, cover letter, interview prep, etc.)
  • Metro Parks job interview opportunities upon internship completion for summer camps, Elementary Sports game day officiating, etc.

Important Dates:

Students will need to attend and wear comfortable/athletic clothing:


Fill out an application Download a flyer


Please call (253) 305-1022