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Fitness Schedule

Pass Holder Personal Training Rates

  • One Session $60/HR
  • 2-5 Sessions $55/HR
  • 6+ Sessions $50/HR
  • 10+ Sessions $45/HR

Non-Pass Holder Personal Training Rates

  • One Session $65/HR
  • 2-5 Sessions $63HR
  • 6+ Sessions $60/HR
  • 10+ Sessions $55/HR

* Half hour training & small group rates available upon request.

Meet our personal trainers

Carolyn Edmonds

carolyn edmondsCarolyn Edmonds

“Exercise is the fountain of youth! Exercise has been shown to have positive effects on pain, sleep, depression, anxiety, chronic diseases, fall prevention, and the list goes on. As we age exercise becomes even more important for our quality of life. I am passionate about working with older adults and those with significant health issues who want to improve their strength, stamina, mobility, flexibility, and balance. Extensive experience working with vulnerable adults has shown me how important it is to keep moving and exercise those muscles. And, we will have fun improving your quality of life!” -Carolyn Edmonds

Specialist in Senior Fitness (ISSA)
Indoor Spin Cycling (NETA)
Personal Trainer (ISSA)
Silver Sneakers Classics

Mobility, Flexibility, Strength, Balance & Stamina
Exercising with chronic health conditions
Fall Prevention

Joe Piccirillo

joe profileJoe Piccirillo

“I believe physical fitness and good nutrition are paramount to a healthy lifestyle and I am here to help you reach those goals! All workout plans will be customized based on each client’s limitations are needs. Together we will help you realize and maximize your full potential!” -Joe Piccirillo

Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSS)
Strength and Conditioning Coach
High School Football Coach 11 years

High Intensity Interval Training
Core Strength Training
Resistance Training
Cardio Training Flexibility



Tamira Tserendavaa

Norpoint Fitness TamiraEducation
EWU Bachelor in Business Management

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Certified Nutrition Specialist
Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Instructor
Boxing for Fitness Instructor
First Aid, CPR and AED Certified

Cardio program design
Core Strength
Weight Loss
Senior Fitness

Faith Pearsall

Norpoint Fitness FaithCertifications
Certified Personal Trainer (ACSM) Certified Medical Assistant

Core Strength, Balance, Flexibility
Strength and Conditioning
Body Weight Train
Senior Fitness