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Website Improvement Project

Metro Parks is making some big improvements to – and we need your help.

The website is the district’s main platform for information about programs, events, district spending and all sorts of other topics. The current design launched in 2012, and now gets almost 3 million page views a year.

This summer, Metro Parks engaged a design firm to help develop a new website that works well on mobile devices and will be easier for people to navigate. But we need to understand your needs and the needs of other users – after all, the site is ultimately for you. Here’s a look at what we’re doing to build a better website and how you can help.

Take the "Tree Test"

We are working to redesign our website navigation to match user expectations and make it easier to find the content you are looking for. Please take a few minutes and follow the link to our online "tree test" to help us understand where you would expect to find content on the website: take the tree test.

Unblock our pop-up

If you’ve been to the website recently, you may have noticed a pop-up box asking whether you found what you were looking for. We’ll use the responses to determine how well our current website meets users’ needs, which will help us as we build a new site.

Looking at data

Do you use our website to find a class? A trail? Community center hours? Metro Parks is looking through survey and web traffic data to identify the most common reasons people visit the website. We’ll prioritize improvements based on this information. We’ll also inventory our web content and make improvements to it.

Listening to our staff

The web team will meet with Metro Parks staff to discuss the site and ways to improve it. We’re putting a strong emphasis on administrative and front-line staff since they’re the people you most often interact with. Once we understand what questions they most often get from the public through phone calls, email and walk-in traffic, we’ll look for ways the website can better meet customer service needs.

Next steps

The district plans to finish most of its research and stakeholder engagement this fall. The two public outreach events are important steps in the process. Ultimately, the project will result in a website that’s fresh and better serves you and everyone else in the park district.