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Wildlife in our Parks

Feeding wild animals endangers both the animals and people who encounter them.

undefinedConduct in all public parks is subject to all the general police regulations of the City of Tacoma as well as to Chapter 8.27 of the Tacoma Municipal Code. Violations are civil infractions that can result in immediate citation with fines and removal from the park.

According to Tacoma Municipal Code 8.27.130:

  • It is unlawful to feed any bird or animal in a park. Citations carry fines. 

The police non-emergency number is (253) 798-4721

Don't feed the animals

  • Feeding does more harm than good. The animals’ behavior changes.
    • Raccoons will stay active during the day even though they are nocturnal. They learn to approach humans for food – and they can be aggressive.
    • Canada geese will completely change their migratory habits and take up permanent residence when conditioned by routine feeding.
  • Raccoons frequently bite people who are feeding them. Raccoon bites can cause very serious injury and can lead to medical evaluation for rabies post exposure treatment.
  • Children can pick up roundworms through exposure to raccoon feces; leptospirosis in raccoon urine contaminates water and soil where kids may play.
  • On land, goose excrement provides a breeding ground for E Coli. Geese scatter their waste through picnic and play areas as they travel confidently toward people who offer bread and other foods.  
  • Add to those risks the dangers of raccoons getting too close to moving cars. The results are often deadly for raccoons.
  • Wild raccoons can easily forage for themselves and stay healthier doing so.

Marine Mammal Stranding Network

Other Useful Phone Numbers


  • Animal Care & Control (253) 627-7387 or 911
    - animal bites
    - aggressive animals
    - injured or sick animals
    - found animals
    - animal cruelty or welfare
    - stray animal pick-up
    - other services requiring a timely response
  • Humane Society (253) 383-2733
    - shelter for local animals

Wild Animals

Injured Wild Animals

  • PAWS Wildlife Center (Lynnwood, WA) - (425) 787-2500 x 817
  • The Sarvey Wildlife Center (Arlington, WA)v(360) 435-4817
  • South Sound  Critter Care (Kent, WA - open 365 days)v(360) 886-8917
  • For Heaven's Sake (Rochester, WA) - (360) 273-0550
  • West Sound Wildlife Shelter (Bainbridge Island, WA) - (206) 855-9057